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Umpire Clinics 2023

Posted by Joseph Gonyeau


Ump and Catcher


If you are a returning umpire or are looking to become one, we have an update for you!  Apologies for hitting up everyone’s inbox with this but we have had a lot of people express interest over the last few weeks and we want to ensure that nobody misses out. As everyone knows we struggle for umpires at every age group, the more people we can get certified the better!  BCBUA, the organization that oversees certification within the province, has posted clinic registrations on their website for Level 1 and Level 2 umpires. ALL umpires, new or returning, are required to renew their BCBUA membership each year. This membership puts you in good-standing with BCBUA and provides you the ability to register for free for the Level 1 & 2 clinics. 

All NEW umpires must attend the Online and the In Person clinic.

Returning certified umpires are only required to write the online exams in order for certification each year so long as they are staying in the Level they are certified for.

All second year Level 2 umpires who did Defensive rules last year at the clinic must attend the Offence clinic this year in order to get their full Level 2 certification  

The requirement for Level 3 and above is limited but should your umpire be interested it would be best to reach out to the local BCBUA rep for more info. 

When you sign up/renew your membership on the BCBUA website you will then have access to see what clinics are available. As of TODAY for Victoria there are Level 1 clinics booked on Feb 25 & March 4 and Level 2 clinic on March 11. These in person clinics will cover both plate and base umpiring.

BCBUA membership fees will be reimbursed by your home park (with proof of receipt) after completing 4 games for us this spring.

Level 1 clinics are for those that are new to umpiring and those that will be umpiring at the 11U and 9U divisions (60’ diamonds with no leadoffs).

Level 2 clinics are for umpires that will be umpiring at the 13U and higher divisions. There are leadoffs and balks at these levels. Minimum age for level 2 is 14 years old. (BC Minor rules state that an umpire must be 1 division removed from the division they are umpiring i.e. must be 15U-aged to umpire at 13U division)

BCBUA Online Clinics – Registration Now Available!

Hi everyone.  We’re pleased to confirm that the BCBUA online clinics are now available for registration.  To access registration instructions, please log in and go to this page:

Clinic dates are as follows:

February 18                8:30 am

February 28                5:30 pm

March 11                     8:30 am

March 28                     5:30 pm

April 2                          8:30 am

April 4                          5:30 pm

BCBUA In Person Clinics – Registration Now Available!

Make sure you are logged in and then go here for more details:

Feb 25, 10-230 – level 1 – Colwood Community Hall  Address: 2219 Sooke Rd, Victoria, BC V9B 1W8

March 4, 1230-5 – level 1 – Quadra Community Gym Address: 950 King’s Rd, Victoria,  BC. V8T 2W6

March 11, 10-230 – level 2 – Colwood Community Hall Address: 2219 Sooke Rd, Victoria, BC V9B 1W8

If you have any questions please refer to the BCBUA website or your home parks Umpire in Charge. 

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